DRAW “commands”

Draw lines as specified by the given directional commands.

*Graphics Definition Language* In the movement instructions below, n specifies a distance to move. The number of pixels moved is equal to n multiplied by the current scaling factor, which is set by the S command. |Un| Move up.| |Dn| Move down.| |Ln| Move left.| |Rn| Move right.| |En| Move diagonally up and right.| |Fn| Move diagonally down and right.| |Gn| Move diagonally down and left.| |Hn| Move diagonally up and left.| |Mxy| Move to coordinate x,y. If x is preceded by a + or -, the movement is relative to the last point referenced.| |B| A prefix command. Next movement command moves but doesn't plot.| |N| A prefix command. Next movement command moves, but returns immediately to previous point.| COLOR 9:PSET 80,80 DRAW "R50D70L25U25L15D25NR15" DRAW "L10U50E25F25" PSET 118,105 DRAW "R8U16L16D16R8U10NR8U6" COLOR 12:PSET 100,117 INPUT "Who are you"; A$ ? "Hello, ";A$;"!" How does S command work? I just tried it in the DRAW example in first DRAW string and I get error: "DRAW: Command 'S' unsupported." This is how S command work in QBASIC (quote):

Sn  Determines the drawing scale by setting the length
     of a unit of cursor movement. The default n is 4,
     which is equivalent to 1 pixel.

So this should work just fine:

DRAW "S8L10U50E25F25"

But apparently S command is unsupported.