Android Changelog

12.26 (31 March 2023)

  • Fixed “0 IMP 0” returns now correct result 1 (Joe7M)
  • Fixed DIM lower bound (Joe7M)
  • Fixed EQV bug. “0 EQV 0” will return correct result “1” (Joe7M)
  • Fixed INPUT #F; now supports up to 64 parameters
  • Fixed RGB and RGBF now clamp parameters (Joe7M)
  • Fixed bug in BGETC when using sockets (Joe7M)
  • Fixed editor display issues with DOS line-endings
  • Fixed for BIN and changes to return values of POLYCENT and POLYAREA (Joe7M)
  • Fixed line-chart line drawing to use current foreground color
  • Fixed printing chr(0) into a file or network interface
  • Fixed setenv error #187
  • Implemented STATMEDIAN() to calculate the median of a data sample in statistics (Joe7M)
  • Implemented STATSTD() to calculate standard deviation (Joe7M)

12.25 (23 December 2022)

  • Implemented a new web service for managing files via desktop browser
  • Fixed a problem with TRIM which broke the TinyBASIC.bas sample
  • Fixed RECT FILLED when the coordinates are inverted
  • Fixed SPLIT command - empty input now gives zero length output
  • Fixed display of floating point numbers with high precision
  • Fixed functions Polyarea, Polycent
  • Fixed crash with INPUT command while scrolled #160
  • Updated CHART line drawing to use current foreground color
  • Added link from About screen to privacy page

12.23 (31 August 2021)

  • Fix array append regression #122
  • Hide keypad on run. Show keypad for INPUT, then re-hide on completion.

12.22 (16 July 2021)

  • Fixed ‘Socket Client doesn’t receive byte with value 13’ #112
  • Fixed RGB handling with IMAGEs
  • Fixed TSAVE of arrays includes extra null character. #119
  • Fixed array access regression
  • Implemented image.draw(), fix in andoid #115
  • Removed “requestLegacyExternalStorage” for AppStore compliance
  • Removed path navigation to show unified view of available folders
  • Removed samsung keypad warning

12.21 (14 April 2021)

  • Added range checking for the web services port
  • Fix CIRCLE command to ensure radius uses the WINDOW coordinate system
  • Fix to ensure the default VIEW is maintained during resizing
  • Fix square bracket field access issue
  • Fix crash when line length limit exceeded
  • Handle octal escapes correctly
  • Added option to preserve user data when app uninstalled
  • Update path label when displaying project folder
  • Implemented c-styles escape sequences
  • Add support for inline assignment of export variables

12.19 (16 July 2020)

  • Fix usability issues with samsung mobiles
  • Fix ABSMIN/ABSMAX transposed #96
  • Fix crash when passing non-array to CHART
  • Fix to array destination
  • Fix INPUT crash #99
  • Implement DEFINEKEY undo #92
  • Implement colour themes

0.12.17 (22 December 2019)

  • Fix module access in newer android versions.
  • Fix edit label display

0.12.16 (25 August 2019)

  • Fix crash in ChromeOS when minimising
  • Fix crash in ChromeOS when starting a second instance
  • Fix crash using the Share command
  • Update Android SDK build tools to latest versions (3 March 2019)

  • Fix issue with POINT returning incorrect values
  • Fix to make the editor status bar less intrusive
  • Fix crash entering c,v in edit control mode (17 February 2019)

  • Fix crash with SOUND when passing negative duration
  • Implement SOUND playing in the foreground (21 January 2019)

  • Fix setup screen colour display
  • Show link to android page in about screen

0.12.15 (29 December 2018)

  • Fix crash when using GOTO with a non-existent label
  • Fix crash in editor when double tapping empty document
  • Fix menu display on chromebook and other devices (16 November 2018)

  • Fix navigation when network access down then available
  • Changed UI display from black to be a slightly lighter onyx color.
  • Update help tip in scratch window (14 October 2018)

  • Fix crash when passing zero as format argument to DATEFMT
  • Fix display issue with logo on about page
  • Minor runtime optimization

0.12.14 (28 September 2018)

  • Fix error message when command “LINE INPUT” attempts to read a non open file
  • Fix crash when attempting to load an image from a failed network connection (13 September 2018)

  • Fix problem with SEQ command
  • Add limited support embedded octal values in strings

0.12.13 15 Aug 2018

  • Editor now uses solarized dark colour theme
  • Fixed an issue with the IMAGE command
  • The build now targets the latest android version
  • Updated path handling to remove hard coded /sdcard paths
  • Updated the build system to use android studio
  • Fix trailing spaces with LOCAL command when terminated with comma
  • Fix TLOAD input error handling

0.12.11 30 Dec, 2017

  • Fix issue with image save() command to ensure resulting array has correct dimensions
  • Fix issue with display driver escape ESCm (reset scroll position)
  • Fix potential crash when passing non string arguments to some built-in string funcs

0.12.10 24 Dec, 2017

  • ANDROID: Fix crash when exporting from IDE
  • ANDROID: Fix exit when navigating to non-permitted path
  • COMMON: Add support code arrays declared over multiple lines
  • COMMON: Assign multiple variables from an ARRAY (1)
  • COMMON: Can now declare an empty array with: a=[]
  • COMMON: FUNC can now use RETURN statement as synonym for FUNCNAME=result (1)
  • COMMON: Fix FUNC call as pseudo class method (1)
  • COMMON: Fix inline local variable declaration for complex assignments
  • COMMON: Fix issue with INPUT command
  • COMMON: Fix line number count when using multi-line strings
  • COMMON: Fix potential infinite loop using the MAX command
  • COMMON: Fix square bracket access to 2D arrays
  • COMMON: Implemented Maxint system constant (1)
  • COMMON: Implemented Nil system constant (1)
  • COMMON: Implemented OPTION AUTOLOCAL runtime option (2)
  • COMMON: MID, LEFT, RIGHT, REPLACE, INSTR, RINSTR no longer error on invalid pos input
  • COMMON: Now errors when using a keyword as part of a MAP variable
  • COMMON: Minor performance optimisations
  • COMMON: REPLACE str argument can now be a number type
  • COMMON: SUB can now use RETURN statement (1)
  • COMMON: VAL command now ignores any input trailing non digit chars
  • UI: The FORM command now reports an error when IMAGE input fails to load
  1. See 2048.bas for examples
  2. OPTION AUTOLOCAL causes all variables used only inside a SUB or FUNC
    to have local scope.

0.12.9 April 15, 2017

  • Allow input of special characters
  • Added share command
  • Fix ‘?’ key input using gboard
  • Select alternative font
  • Allow array access via [] characters
  • Can now attach SUB/FUNCs as MAP fields
  • Clear out of scope CATCH variables
  • Create MAP from single line JSON without ARRAY command
  • Fix internal error handling long string variables
  • Python style here-document
  • Update parameter handling for performance
  • Added “Save-As” option to the file menu (thanks Josip)
  • CIRCLE drawing is now anti-aliased
  • Fixed cursor when displaying the popup while editing
  • Added menu widget (three vertical dots)
  • Improved CIRCLE performance

0.12.8 October 22, 2016

  • Added android TTS handling
  • Added android SENSOR handling
  • Added android LOCATION handling
  • Added sound. Play .WAV files using PLAY(“file://” + path)
  • Fixed regression with array parsing
  • Updated error message when calling built-in FUNC without assigning the result
  • Fixed TAB to use character positions not pixels
  • Fixed issue with nested try/catch
  • Fixed NOSOUND
  • Fixed error handling for invalid JOIN input
  • Fixed SPLIT to include final empty position

0.12.7 September 17, 2016

  • Updates to improve performance and stability
  • Fixed issues with various keywords
  • See “desktop release notes page”: for details.

0.12.6 May 15, 2016

  • Updates to improve performance and stability
  • Fixed issues with various keywords
  • See “desktop release notes page”: for details.

0.12.5 February 13, 2016

  • Fix POINT to return correct values
  • Added “Desktop shortcut” menu option

0.12.4 February 1, 2016

  • Fix pause and resume handling, see
  • Added caching of online samples to avoid reloading over the network
  • Pressing the back button from an online sample now returns to the samples home page
  • The shell program now does case-less .bas file sorting

0.12.1 November 29, 2015

  • Fix image drawing for large images
  • Fix PAINT infinite loop
  • Fix crash with online command if site is down
  • Fix over scroll issue with line number widget
  • Fix file manager .bas file case sensitivity
  • Fix editor markup on map fields that look like keywords
  • Fix scanner inserting line-no bytecode for empty or comment lines
  • Fix editor run error message display time length
  • Implemented calling IMAGE with another image variable

0.12.0 October 26, 2015

  • Added built-in editor
  • Fix display output before DELAY
  • Fix LET when assigning a value to a MAP/ARRAY field
  • Fix TSAVE with try/catch
  • Fix PRINT 1/1000 and other floating point rounding issues
  • Fix problem with 59 char INPUT prompt
  • Removed obsolete/unimplemented keywords WSPLIT, PLOT2, UNLOADLIB
  • Added multi-item case selection

0.11.17 March 22, 2015

  • Now uses the Light Holo theme to display menus and messages.
  • Fixed exit crash with android 5 devices.
  • Updated to freetype version 2.5.5 and NDK version r10d
  • Improved graphics and runtime performance.
  • Source code view displays line numbers
  • Source code view displays error information for program error line
  • Line drawing now uses antialiasing to produce smoother looking lines.
  • Improved syntax error messages
  • Updated the PAUSE statement to allow waiting until a system event has occurred
  • Improved INPUT widget including clipboard handling.
  • Update INKEY to return ALT, CTRL, ALT+CTRL key information
  • Added timer func support.
  • Refactor FORM handling to use system object
  • Update IMAGE handling
  • Added WINDOW system object to control the ansiwidget

See the “Release notes”: article for more information

0.11.11 July 28, 2014

  • Fix build to use correct processor optimisations
  • Fix rotation crash
  • Updated display handling for long clickable links
  • Updated system menu
  • Text size now based on system settings

0.11.10 July 19, 2014

  • Add missing SD card read/write permissions
  • Updated FRE command. -10 = Total RAM, -11 = Used, -12 = Free

0.11.9 July 17, 2014

  • Fix crash in android 4.4 (tested by Joey and using AVD)

0.11.8 July 16, 2014

  • Fix crash in android 4.4 (tested using AVD)
  • Built with latest ADK

0.11.7 July 12, 2014

  • Fix crash in android 4.4
  • Sound now uses the music/games stream

0.11.6 June 22, 2014

  • Implemented BEEP/SOUND. Only background play mode is supported.
  • Implemented launch by URL. This allows SmallBASIC programs to be embedded in a QR code and launched from a separate QR code reader program. The URL format is smallbasic://x/CODE. CODE can URL encoded text, or BASE64 gzipped text. I’ll make a web page to create the image if there is enough interest. Note, programs launched via QR codes will not be able to execute any of the FILE based commands.
  • Implemented screen layout handling to adjust the display when the virtual keypad is displayed.
  • Fixed potential crash evaluating “a \ b”.
  • Fixed a display issue when scrolling beyond the virtual screen size.
  • The printed Web Service information now includes the system IP address.
  • Updated support tools; android-ndk-r9d, freetype-2.5.3, libpng-1.6.12.

0.11.5 Jan 4, 2014

  • Replaced battery drain error with console warning.
  • Console is now a graphics screen.
  • Fixed minor display and event handler bugs affecting some samples programs.

0.11.4 Dec 18, 2013

  • Built with android NDK for performance and to allow future versions to use native app features.
  • Added web service for remote file edit/run.
  • Can now launch bas files from Android file browser.
  • Added restart command.
  • Supports empty parentheses in sub/func calls.

0.11.3 Dec 19, 2012

  • AT and PEN now work with WINDOW based coordinates. This will allow programs written for PalmOS to appear correctly on modern mobile screen resolutions.

0.11.2 Dec 8, 2012

  • Added the ability to change the font size

0.11.1 Nov 30, 2012

  • First android release, built with Mosync