CSS Color Names

SmallBASIC uses the standard colors 1 to 15, which might be quite limiting. To define your own colors the functions RGB und RGBF can be used. A nice source of predefined colors are the standard CSS colors used for website creation. A list of the colors and there names can be found here. To make it easier to deal with the color names SmallBASIC provides a unit.

Download the unit

The unit can be downloaded or copy pasted from the SmallBASIC Github website. Please save the unit in the same directory as your basic file. The file crgb_test.bas can be used to display all colors and there names.

Using the unit

Import crgb as c

Color c.Black, c.Lime

Color c.Black, c.Tomato
Print " Standard CSS Tomato background color "

Color c.Black, c.LightSteelBlue
Print " Standard CSS LightSteelBlue background color "

rect 200, 200, 400, 400 COLOR c.DeepPink filled