Creates a form object from a MAP variable. This provides access to the following sub-commands:

doEvents() Process system events for mouse and keyboard handling.
close() Closes the active FORM.
refresh(n) n=1 Copy the UI state into the FORM input variables. n=0 Update the UI state using the FORM input variables.

The form MAP may contain the following properties

value The value from the active input field.
inputs Array of inputs.
focus Index to the focused input.

Inputs is an array of type MAP, each element may contain the following properties

x X coordinate.
y Y coordinate.
width Input width.
height Input height.
value The internal value associated with the input.
label The display label for the input.
name The name of the input.
type The type of input, see below.
help Listbox or single line text input help text.
backgroundColor Background color.
color Forground color.
isExit Whether clicking the input exits the current program.
isExternal Whether the link field opens in an external browser.
resizable Whether the field can be resized.
visible Whether the input field is visible.
selectedIndex The selected item in a listbox or choice.
length Length of an TEXT input field.
noFocus The input cannot receive focus.
onclick SUB to invoke when clicked.

The type attribute can be one of the following

button Push button.
label Display label.
link Hyperlinked text.
listbox Listbox.
choice Dropdown listbox.
text Single or multi-line text input.
image Image button.


f.handleKeys = 0
' create some buttons
button1.y = 120
button1.label = "Button1"
button1.value = "valudofButton1"
button1.backgroundcolor = rgb(255,0,0)
button1.onclick = HelloWorld 'this prints on load
button2.x = -1
button2.y = 120
button2.label = "Button2"
button2.value = "valueofButton2"
button3.value = "cats"
button3.x = -1
button3.y = 120
button3.background = 223344
b4.type = "choice"
b4.value = "cats|dogs|Fish|cats|dogs|Fish|cats|dogs|Fish|cats|dogs|Fish"
b4.selectedIndex = 2
b4.x = -1
b4.y = 120
b5.type = "list"
b5.value = "cats|dogs|Fish|cats|dogs|Fish|cats|dogs|Fish|cats|dogs|Fish|end|lol"
b5.x = -1
b5.y = 120
b5.height = 120
b6.type = "text"
b6.value = "cats"
b6.x = -1
b6.y = 120
b6.width = 50
b6.noFocus = 0
' add buttons to the form
f.inputs << button1
f.inputs << button2
f.inputs << button3
f.inputs << b4
f.inputs << b5
f.inputs << b6
f.backgroundcolor = "green"
' at this stage 'f' is just a plain user defined structure (map)
' after calling FORM, 'f' becomes a system form object with three special functions
' doEvents, close and refresh (see sokoban.bas for refresh)
f = form(f)
' the string version of the form is JSON  (see
TSAVE "f.frm", f
while 1
  ' pump the system event queue
  ' process the event
  in$ = inkey
  at 0,0
  if len(in$)>1 then
    flag= asc(left(in$,1))
    keychar =right(in$,1)
  n= asc(keychar)
    if (flag == 1)
      ? "Ctrl    : ";keychar ; "   "
    else if (flag == 2)
      ? "Alt    : "; keychar
    else if (flag == 3)
      ? "Ctrl+Alt: "; keychar ; "   "
      ? "Arrow: "; n ; "   "
    end if
    vkey = asc(in$)
    if (vkey == 8) then
      ? "backspace!"
    else if (vkey == 127) then
      ? "delete !"
      ? " key=           "; in$; " "; vkey
if b6.value <> "cats" then ? b6.value
  if (len(f.value) > 0) then
    print f.value; "                  "
  end if
func HelloWorld
? "hello world"
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